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  • 智能電子汽車衡|電子臺秤-滄州市金泰衡器有限公司

    Marketing Office

    Address: Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daxing District, Beijing
    Tel: 010 -83039787
    Fax 010 -61260207
    Contact: Mr. Song
    Phone: 13810183637

    Cangzhou City Jintai Heng browser Ltd.

    Factory Address: Cangzhou Bohai Road, Development Zone, No. 102
    Factory Address: Cangzhou City Zhangzhuangzi Canal Zone Industrial Park
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    Cangzhou City Jintai Heng browser Ltd. is specialized in intelligent electronic truck scale, electronic scales, electronic crane , electronic crane scales in research, development , design, consulting and other services of high-tech enterprises.
           Jintai Heng device production and operation of the main products are: 2 tons -150 tons of electronic truck scale, 0.5 tons -30 tons of electronic crane , 3kg-2000kg electronic scales, and industrial metering control system design and manufacturing.
           The company now has a large industrial weighing northern production bases ( including modern manufacturing plant 4 , a total area of ​​12,000 square meters ) , to an annual output of nearly 13,000 units / sets of various industrial scales. Sophisticated production equipment , advanced detection methods , in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2000 quality management certification, with perfect quality assurance system, a full-time senior engineer responsible for the quality of work , to ensure that products manufactured pass rate of 100% .
          October 2006 won the " China recognized the quality of electronic truck scale top ten brands ," the honorary title. Won the " China Petroleum Group supplies equipment market access card" and reach a consensus with PetroChina , a market strategy friendly and cooperative partnership . " China Weighing Instrument Association ." Selling products, and exported , sold to South Korea , Qatar, Mexico, Russia, Mongolia, South Africa , Congo, Sudan, Angola , Ethiopia , Jordan, Uruguay , Zimbabwe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Brunei , Albania, Yemen , Pakistan, the Philippines and other countries and regions in the world . Committed within the scope of said bend in the weighing station .
          Jintai Heng devices rely on technological progress , innovation, adhere to the " sincere -oriented, quality first " business philosophy. In the minds of customers have created a good brand reputation, product sales throughout the country. Our products are highly cost-effective , high stability and high accuracy , etc., performance indicators have reached the international level. Selling products, and has been sold out of the country Qatar , Mongolia, Russia and South Korea. Passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification. Jintai Heng device to strict quality assurance system , improve rules and regulations , strict management, to create the best products, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign calls to negotiate.

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